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ART Concrete X-Ray, GPR and Utility Locating Services

ART Location Services, Inc. provides concrete X-Ray, GPR and Utility Locating Services to contractors located in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside and the Southern California region. We help contractors locate post tension cables, rebar and conduit embedded in concrete prior to coring, saw cutting or drilling. We also locate buried and inaccessible objects and features underground including utilities, fuel and oil tanks, fiber optic cables, and unmarked graves.

What Makes Us Different?
We are "Solution Driven" rather than "Technology Driven". Most locating companies in our industry push a single method approach. The technology they focus on happens to be the what they have in-house and have experience in.

We assess each job first and then advise companies on what we believe will give them the best results for the

least amount of cost. We constantly weigh cost versus accuracy and safety when choosing the most appropriate technologies.

The Right Technology for The Job.
Our company uses X-Ray, GPR, Pachometers, Utility Locators and other technologies in-house and from our subcontractors. Our technicians are trained in multiple technologies to help provide you with a customized solution for your company's unique circumstances. We strive to choose the right mix of technologies for your company that will provide the most cost effective, efficient and accurate information.

ART is a member of the San Diego Chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America. The AGC is dedicated to promoting opportunity, free enterprise, skill, integrity and responsibility among San Diego's construction professionals.

ART, Inc. has been providing Concrete X-Ray Services for Southern California contractors for more than 11 years.